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-   ABOUT US  -

Trek Coffee is a %100 Indigenous and Military Veteran owned company.
The company was started in 2019 by Indigenous-Veteran McKenzie Robinson.

Inspired by his love of the outdoors and his passion for coffee, McKenzie decided to create a coffee company called Trek Coffee. He wanted to share his experiences and his love of the land with others, and he saw this as the perfect way to do it. He worked tirelessly to create a line of coffee blends that reflected the rugged beauty of British Columbia, and he was proud to share them with the world.


Embark on a coffee journey with Trek Coffee, the indigenous and veteran-owned specialty coffee shop in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. Our commitment to quality and sustainability is reflected in every cup of coffee we serve.


Choose from our three signature blends - Basecamp, Trailblazer, and Summit Brew. Each blend is carefully curated from the finest coffee beans sourced from sustainable and ethical suppliers around the world. Whether you prefer a smooth and bold coffee or a lighter brew, we have a blend to suit your taste. 


Experience the adventure of a perfect cup of coffee with Trek Coffee. Support indigenous and veteran-owned businesses and taste the difference.


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