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Trek Coffee Wholesale

Trek Coffee has the capacity to supply fresh and delicious coffee to customers big or small. If you own or manage a cafe/restaurant that wants to support indigenous business than please contact us.

We also supply our products to Retail/Grocery shops and custom orders for Special events/Corporate gifts.


Main Contact: 


Today's coffee drinkers are more knowledgable about coffee and expect quality from Cafes and Restaurants. Trek Coffee can help you maintain the freshest coffee to keep valued customers coming back.


We have 5lb bags available at competitive rates. 

Coffee Shop with Bicycles


Trek Coffee has a customer following that is growing and with that increase we would love to provide our three blends to shops willing to support %100 Indigenous owned company. 

Special events/Corporate gifts

Trek Coffee can customize your order for special event or  corporate gift ideas.

We deliver on-time and provide extra flexibility to event planners.

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